India goes to the polls from April 19, in the largest democratic exercise in the world

Indians will begin to vote from April 19 in seven-stage, staggered elections in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi will want a third consecutive term in power. Mr Modi is moving into these elections with immense faith, compared with elections in 2014 and 2019, amid rapid economic development,  a rise in Hindu nationalism and a rise in India’s global stature. Approximately 970 million Indians are eligible to vote in the elections that end on June 1. The consequences are anticipated to be revealed on June 4, when the counting of votes will take place.

Declaring the election dates on March 16, India’s chief election commissioner Rajiv Kumar called the Indian elections the “hugest democratic festival” in the world. He stated: “2024 is the year of elections across the world. We are pledging to provide India a genuinely festive democratic environment.” But he said that misinformation, on top of corruption and voter intimidation, was showing up to be the hugest hindrances to the electoral process. “Tackling misinformation in today’s digital age is complex,” revealed Mr Kumar, pledging tough action against those who spread fake news.