India braces itself for more rain after floods, lightning kill 2,000

Several areas of India are understanding and preparing  themselves for more heavy rain, increasing the peril of further casualties after natural calamities such as floods and lightning taking away 2,000 people whilst the rainy season going on. Rains have left a terrific imprint on about 500,000ha of crops and caused predicament to around 90,000 houses since the beginning of the monsoon in the starting days of June, according to information compiled by the Home Ministry.

Approximately 60,000 animals have also been affected and lost their lives, the figures show. The June to September monsoon that is relied on to irrigate around half of the nation’s farmland is essential  for India’s food production and economic development, but also leads to widespread predicament and horrible disastrous results.

The weather office says that climate change is making the yearly weather pattern more weird , raising the risk of both flooding and droughts. The administration of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is preparing for elections in early 2024, has put a halt to exports of wheat, rice and sugar, and is providing grains from state reserves to be purchased. Even more precipitation could also affect standing rice crops, which are going to be harvested in October.