India Asserts Vigorous Anti-Terror Stance: Defence Minister Vows Pursuit of Terrorists in Pakistan

In a resolute declaration, India’s Defence Minister Rajnath Singh affirmed the nation’s commitment to pursue and eliminate terrorists who seek refuge in Pakistan after carrying out attacks on Indian soil. Speaking to CNN News18, Singh’s remarks came in response to a recent report by Britain’s Guardian newspaper, alleging India’s involvement in targeted killings of individuals in Pakistan since 2020 as part of an anti-terrorism strategy.

Singh emphasized that India’s stance stems from a dedication to safeguard its citizens and maintain regional security. While expressing a desire for amicable relations with neighboring countries, he stressed that India will not hesitate to take decisive action against those who engage in terrorist activities and threaten its sovereignty.

Tensions between India and Pakistan have escalated since a 2019 terrorist attack in Kashmir, attributed to Pakistan-based militants. This incident led to military retaliation from India, further straining bilateral relations. Despite Pakistan’s denial of harboring militants, India remains steadfast in its resolve to combat terrorism.

The report in the Guardian adds to existing diplomatic friction, with accusations exchanged between India, Canada, and the U.S. regarding alleged extraterritorial actions. While India has dismissed these allegations as baseless, the international community’s scrutiny underscores the complexities of regional security dynamics.

As India reaffirms its commitment to counter-terrorism efforts, the situation underscores the delicate balance between national security imperatives and diplomatic relations in South Asia.