In this scorching weather, rainfall brings relief to millions in India

This year, India has experienced a lot of heat which has been torturing for the people of the nation. Temperatures are so high and the scorching heat has been threatening to people’s health. More than a hundred people died in Uttar pradesh because of the heat, they experienced dehydration and heart strokes.  It is 46 degrees celsius in some of the areas, which is way too hot for a comfortable and healthy survival of the residents. But, more rainfalls will heal the situation and bring a blessing to so many people by relieving them from this irritating weather. Rains will also be helpful in the growth of crops.

Conditions are wonderful for the weather pattern to get better further over some more parts of the southern peninsular region, remaining regions of Odisha, West Bengal, Jharkhand and Bihar states and some bits of Chhattisgarh and Uttar Pradesh in the coming two days. Cumulative rains during the monsoon season, which generally happens from June to September, have been 31 per cent below normal so far this year, with the central area getting 60 per cent less rainfall. If the monsoon does not happen as expected in the coming weeks, crop production will get affected, food prices may soar and India may be forced to keep restrictions on exports for wheat rice and sugar.