In the face of the Covid-19 epidemic, Malaysia’s King has warned MPs not to take chances with the country’s future


Malaysia’s King has warned legislators against jeopardising the country’s future for personal gain.
“My advice to all Members of Parliament: Never jeopardise the country’s and Malaysians’ futures to achieve particular objectives,” Sultan Abdullah Ahmad Shah stated in his royal address at the start of the country’s first parliamentary session of the year on Monday (September 13).
“Elected officials should concentrate their efforts on combating the Covid-19 epidemic,” he continued.
Sultan Abdullah remarked that since taking over as the constitutional monarch in 2019, he had witnessed two prime ministers resign owing to political disagreements, referring to the political turmoil that saw the Muhyiddin Yassin administration fall apart when many Umno MPs withdrew their support.
He stated that the country is still fighting the Covid-19 virus and that many people are experiencing financial difficulties and have lost their jobs. “I’ve received hundreds of messages from the public, filled with grief and a thousand hopes for a change so that people may go back to their regular life,” he said.
He praised efforts by the new government and the opposition to achieve bipartisan collaboration. He stated, “This is the sort of maturity that my people want to see.”


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