In Japan, the defence ministry has decided to review the rule of banned tattoos in defence industry.

Candidates who were tentatively about to be a part of defence have been turned away because they had tattoos. The tattoo ban was implemented in 1984.This rule was passed due to a misconception which says that tattoos are worn by yakuza gangsters and tattoos represent anti – social ideas. These ideologies also have led to banning of people with tattoos in some of the other social settings as well, like beaches. In today’s generation, tattoos are a part of fashion and trends. Some scholars, anthropologists , who study culture deeply are saying that tattoos were a part of Japanese culture in 1800s. Mr.Kazuhito Machida, head of the ministry’s Personnel and Education Bureau, has made an initiative to talk about this issue. He has urged the government to re-examine this rule .There is labour shortage in military which is for sure a problem. This shortage has a lot to do with people getting refused to enter the field just because they have little tattoos.