Igniting the Digital Flame: Zenith International School and QT Kidz Join Forces

In today’s increasingly digital world, technology permeates every aspect of our lives, from the smartphones we use to the games we play. Malaysia, like many other nations, aspires to thrive in this digital landscape. The key to ensuring our continued progress lies in nurturing the potential of our future generation: our children. It is imperative that we provide them with a solid foundation in technology education from a young age. This is precisely where Zenith International School and QT Kidz step in.

The world is changing fast. Jobs of the future will need people who know about technology. We need to help our kids become experts in things like coding, robotics, and the Internet of Things. These might sound complicated, but they’re like the building blocks of the digital world.

Zenith International School and QT Kidz have joined forces to bring an exciting opportunity to life. QT Kidz was awarded ‘My Digital Maker Hub’ Status by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC). Mydigitalmaker Movement is an initiative catalysed by MDEC in 2016. The movement was launched to galvanise Public-Private-Academia sectors to help nurture and transform Malaysia youths to become Digital Innovators as one of the efforts in driving to digital economy.

QT Kidz is the first Digital Maker Hub at Seremban for coding learning. This achievement is align with their vision to transform Malaysia youths from consumers to producers of technology and preparing them for Industries 5.0. Together, they aim to establish special clubs within the school, where children can delve into the fascinating worlds of technology and innovation. These clubs will be known as the “Coding Club” and the “Robotics & IoT Club.”

Imagine the thrill of crafting your very own games, animations, or even constructing your own robots; these clubs are poised to make these exciting dreams a reality for children. The Coding Club will empower them to fluently converse with computers, akin to learning a new language to communicate with machines. Through this club, kids will have the opportunity to create their own computer programs and games, and they’ll even acquire the skills to set things in motion and make them function using specialized codes.

Within the Robotics & IoT Club, children will embark on an exciting journey into the realm of robots and the Internet of Things. Here, they will gain insights into the mechanics of robots, with the opportunity to construct their very own robotic creations. Moreover, they will explore the fascinating concept of using computers to control everyday items such as lights and appliances, unlocking a world of possibilities.

This partnership holds immense significance for both Zenith International School and QT Kidz. For the school, it represents a remarkable opportunity to equip their students with invaluable skills, positioning them for a promising future. It’s a source of pride as they actively contribute to preparing children for the challenges and opportunities ahead.

For QT Kidz, this collaboration signifies a chance to showcase their expertise in educating children about technology. They can extend their reach to an even broader audience of young learners, solidifying their reputation as a premier provider of high-quality tech education.

The digital age is upon us, and it’s imperative that we equip our children for the future it holds. Zenith International School and QT Kidz have united to take on this crucial mission. Through the establishment of the Coding Club and the Robotics & IoT Club, they aim to ignite the spark of digital curiosity in young minds, shaping them into the tech trailblazers of tomorrow. This partnership represents a mutually beneficial endeavour, promising a brighter future for Malaysia’s youth and a more influential presence on the global digital stage.