Iceland’s Prime Minister Resigns, Set to Run for Presidential Office

COPENHAGEN – Icelandic Prime Minister Katrin Jakobsdottir announced her resignation from office on Friday, opting to enter the upcoming presidential race, according to reports from public broadcaster RUV and daily Morgunbladid.

In a video message shared by Morgunbladid, Jakobsdottir confirmed her decision to step down from the role of prime minister and pursue candidacy for the presidential election scheduled for June 1.

While Jakobsdottir’s departure leaves a vacancy in the prime ministerial position, the identity of her successor remains uncertain. Jakobsdottir has served as prime minister since 2017.

Explaining her decision, Jakobsdottir emphasized her desire to contest the forthcoming presidential election, a role characterized by ceremonial duties without direct involvement in public policy formulation.

The announcement comes amid a backdrop of challenges for Iceland, including recent volcanic eruptions leading to the evacuation of thousands and mounting economic pressures marked by high inflation and surging interest rates.

With Iceland’s presidential election approaching, Jakobsdottir’s candidacy signals a significant shift in the country’s political landscape. As she steps down from the prime ministerial role, Iceland awaits the outcome of the upcoming election to determine its new head of state.