I believe that all the member parliament back up the 2021 budget says PM Muhyiddin


Considering the well-being of the country and the people, the current prime minister of Malaysia, Tan Sri Muhyiddin, hopes that all the member parliament, even the ones in the opposition, will keep their differences aside and support the national budget 2021, which will be released in two parts.
He has shown optimism and believes that all lawmakers will cooperate just for the nation’s sake. He also believes that all the quarters will have to focus and work intensively so that the people who have been gravely affected by COVID-19 can receive help. Muhyiddin stated that this not a government issue but an issue on the national level. If we all love our country, then we all should work together to save it in whichever way we can.
He also said that this time the government is carrying massive responsibility on their shoulders, and they need to think about this matter. Ge concluded by saying that he believes that the budget will be supported and passed ad Dewan Rakyat and Dewan Negara.
This budget will be an inclusive budget since the views of a lot of quarters like the opposition, people in business, and non-governmental organizations have been taken into consideration. And this is the first time in Malaysia’s history that the inputs from the opposition were taken into account while the budget was being formed.


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