Human Rights: just a dream or reality?


Human rights penetrate every part of human existence. Human trafficking is an international problem. Human rights are an aspect of each person’s life. If one is unwell, doesn’t have a job, lives in an environment that is harmful or unsafe or insecure, then human rights, or the lack thereof, make that person’s existence difficult and harder. Life is a social, economic, and governance pecking order. The higher one is at the top of that arrangement. But the lower down the pecking order one is, the less rights one is able to access whether that’s rights to physical safety in one’s community from one’s family, rights to clean water, rights to health. It’s all extensive. One’s approach to rights and violations of rights is the role of the accident of where one is born and whether a person born is a boy or a girl. It is that unpretentious. If one is aware that rights exist, human rights exist. They’re an idea. But they are still hoping for many. Whereas they are a reality for some. It is a political ideal that if one acknowledges about a perception of the world where those ideas and ideals are available, then one can desire and aspire to have them.


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