Hong Kong is increasing road safety using smart car technology


Almost every year, there are more than 15,000 traffic accidents in Hong Kong. And every year there are more than 100 fatal accidents. There is so much potential in Hong Kong to be smarter because this is one of the best ways to tackle a lot of road safety issues.
Safety is always a problem but the density of the population of Hong Kong makes it much worse. Innovation and technology is required so that accidents do not happen. If we want our roads to be safer, we have to build smarter cities. Smart mobility plays a key role in making our cities more intelligent.
One of Hong Kong’s leading institutes in research and technology based development, ASTRI, has been working on a solution named project- 5G V2X. It is a real time conversation between the cars that are driving, the drivers inside them and even the roads themselves with the hope of making our transport system a lot safer.
Dr. Justin Chuang said, “The technology is called a cellular vehicle-to-everything. C-V2X technology is where vehicles can communicate with almost anything surrounding them. Dr Henry Wong, head of Strategic Wireless Technology and Core Networks, said that C-V2X is not a car by itself; it is a whole infrastructure of networks connecting everything. A lot of sensors will be installed on the road to collect the information about the road conditions and this information will be exchanged between the vehicle-to-vehicle technology and alert the driver so that it makes the road more intelligent.
Vehicles communicate three pieces of information- position, speed and direction. All of this is used to inform drivers about how to make safer decisions while driving. Public road trials are set to begin this year. Inside the car there is a panel that will display the information received from the system and the system will indicate the condition of the road. This is not only a Hong Kong initiative, it ois a worldwide initiative.


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