Home to thousands destroyed by fire in Rohingya Refugee Camp: UNHCR


Thousands of homes have been destroyed in a huge fire outbreak in the Rohingya refugee camps situated in Bangladesh on January 14, 2021. More than 500 shelter homes that were accommodating more than 3,000 people have been partially or totally destroyed. More than 100 shops belonging to non profit organizations have been completely shattered. 
Rohingya refugees clicked photographs and recorded videos that showed how little children were trying to save things from their blazing homes but unfortunately nothing was left which could be saved. Everything has been burned down by the fire. 
People lost their belongings, everyone was screaming and crying. They lost their life savings. Nothing has been left. The UN Refugee agency is providing meals, shelter, clothes and medicines to the refugees. An investigation is being done regarding what caused the fire. No fatalities have been reported. 
Rohingya refugees have already seen so much pain and this fire has further devastated their hopes for a better life. It took more than two hours to put the fire out but the fire again outburst as the gas cylinders inside homes exploded. Thousands of Rohingya have been moved to a remote island by the Bangladesh government and human rights groups have protested the same. They alleged that it was forced relocations but the authorities have denied the allegations. 
In Southern Bangladesh more than a million Rohingya live in camps. In 2017, the majority of them have fled Myanmar from a crackdown that was military led. Myanmar denies the allegations that the crackdown was made with genocidal intent. The fire has destroyed the camp of the Rohnigya who have fled from Myanmar after an early military campaign. They will now have to start a new life through loss and pain all over again. 


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