Holding SPM exams amidst COVID-19 is unsafe, says MP


The education ministry is being urged by Chong Chieng Jen, the Stampin MP, for calling the SPM examination, which has already been postponed to 2021’s first quarter because of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Instead, he mentioned that the students should be given their SPM certificate based on their past examinations result, mock examination, and course works that have been asses by their teachers.
In a statement released by Chong, he mentioned that the covid-19 cases are rising. Considering the extension of the recovery movement control till the 31st of March, it feels that this situation isn’t safe for students.
The covid 19 situation is getting worse day by day, which is why the exam dates of the SPM exams were postponed. And the country is seeing a rise in the case by four-digit on day to day basis.
Moreover, the kids who have to appear for the exams will face additional stress and will also have to wait longer because their exams have already been postponed, and putting an indefinite delay will add more pressure.
This delay is unhealthy as well as unproductive for them, and this is why he has written a letter and sent it as a fax to Mohd Radzi, Md Jidin, the minister of education, requesting him
to cancel the SPM exams and instead opt for the school assessment and give them the SPM certificate.
He said that he hopes the ministers will work in favor of the students so that they can live peacefully and end their stressful times.


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