Hindrance to block Mount Fuji view in Japan town postponed

Tourists hold a few extra days to snap Mount Fuji at a very well known vantage point after the Japanese authorities stated on May 9 that the construction of a barrier has been delayed. Fujikawaguchiko town is constructing the screen to deter people from taking pictures of Japan’s extremely famous landmark from a pavement opposite a Lawson convenience store.

Residents complain that the visitors lead to traffic problems and behave in the wrong way in their intense willingness for the perfect Instagram post of the snow-capped volcano. The barrier was originally designed to be in position last week, and then by mid-May, but a town official told AFP on May 9 that there were problems getting the needed materials delivered.

“We believe we should get important parts on or around May 20 or later,” the official said. The barrier made of netting is meant to measure 2.5m by 20m and the requisite poles have been in place since early May.