Hijab by Khajsaf : A dream turned into reality

Every possibility can become a reality only if one has the commitment. Khadijah Abu Bakar has turned a possibility into reality with her vision and hard work. Khadijah Abu Bakar is 35 years old and is currently pursuing a degree in Forensic Science. She is the founder of Hijab by Khajsaf.  In conversation with Voice Asia News, Khadijah revealed her purpose and struggle. She said that people look for hijabs but have limited options. Moreover she observed that due to the pandemic, many people lost their jobs. Therefore she wanted to create opportunities for women.

After founding Hijab by Khajsaf, she received great response, not just locally but at global level. She is looking forward to people joining her initiative and carrying the product. She is warmly welcoming people to join and share their ideas with her. She thanked Voice Asia News for providing her a platform to share her ideas and story. This platform will enable women from all over the world to know about Hijab by khajsaf.

Initially, it was not easy for her to start her own brand. She had to put a lot of thinking into designing, structuring and branding. She wanted her brand to have international recognition. Her aim is to make unique products. With hard work and team efforts she became the founder of Hijab by Khajsaf. The struggle was not easy.

To make access easy, she developed her own website. Hijab by Khajsaf provides three kinds of collections namely Safiyya collection, Aishah collection and Sumayyah collection. She took feedback and ideas from different people. She also mentioned that at Hijab by Khajsaf, everyone can afford to wear a hijab. She has put a lot of thought and hard work into starting her own brand. Her efforts are being appreciated globally. She has become a role model for women internationally.