Hardy On a capsized boat off the coast of Japan, survives 22 hours


A 69-year-old man survived 22 hours at sea off the coast of southern Japan, resting on the stern of his overturned boat and shielded from the wind and sprayed by a tarp.
The Japan Coast Guard took a video of his rescue, which showed one of his rescuers jumping into the rough, slate grey water and swimming towards the boat while the guy sat slumped, immobile, propped up against the rudder.
As his savior climbed up alongside him on the overturned hull, the guy, who the coast guard identified as Japanese, remained nearly monosyllabic. A rope was connected, and a Coast Guard launch pulled the inverted boat close enough for the sailor and his crewmate to be hauled aboard.
The water temperature was about 23 degrees Celsius, but there was a strong breeze and thick rain clouds in the sky. The guy, whose identity has yet to be revealed, was working alone on the boat for a port building project off the coast of Yakushima when it sank late Saturday afternoon (Nov 27). His coworkers alerted the Coast Guard, and he was discovered a day later, 30 kilometers off the coast of Yakushima’s Onoaida Port. He sustained a slight ankle injury, according to the Coast Guard.


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