Haiti PM Ariel Henry resigns as violence escalates

Haiti Prime Minister Ariel Henry has resigned, potentially sparking a power struggle that could have broad implications for the Western Hemisphere’s poorest nation and the United States. “The government I lead cannot remain insensitive to this situation. As I have always said, no sacrifice is too great for our homeland Haiti,” Mr Henry revealed in a resignation address that he posted online. Videos being viral on Haitian social media seemed to reveal celebrations in the street, with people dancing to music in a party atmosphere and fireworks being sparked into the beautiful dark sky. Mr Henry’s resignation will be impactful upon the creation of a transitional council that will appoint an interim prime minister and prepare for elections, according to Guyana President Irfaan Ali.

He is the present chair of Caricom, a Caribbean regional body that has been meeting to find a resolution to the destruction in Haiti.  “Haitians deserve a nation where children can go to school and their parents know they will be secure,” Mr Ali said in a news conference on late March 11. “We implore all parties, all stakeholders, all Haitians to be patient.” Mr Henry, who escaped from Haiti on Feb 25 to get to see Caribbean governers in Guyana and get a deal in Kenya that would roll out the red carpet for opportunity for a UN-backed security force, has been unable to go back to the nation as gangs have attacked the capital and shut down the sole airport. The Biden administration has thought of Mr Henry to support a transition of power as the situation deteriorates.