Get to know the Science behind idol worshipping


India is one country which is recognised for its extensive system of idol making and idol worshipping. This notion has been misunderstood by various nations. They think that idol worshipping is simply worshipping a stone which has been given a shape and design. But that is not true. Indians clearly know that it is them who form the shapes and designs. There is a beautiful and mystical science behind idol worshipping.
Worshipping of idols is a hindu’s way of life. These are not merely depictions of god. They are consciously and scientifically created as powerful energy centers. There is a whole science behind idol making where a particular form is created with a definite material and energized in certain ways. Different idols are made in independent ways where they rearrange or relocate the chakras in certain places to make them into completely different possibilities. Idol making is a science through which you can manifest positive energy and enhance the quality of life.
Unlike modern temples, ancient temples are built with deep science. Every aspect of the temple was very carefully planned, the size and shape of the idol, the mudra that the idol is holding, the parikrama, and the mantras that were chanted during the construction of the idol and hence a powerful system of energy was created. In Indian tradition, manuscripts and scriptures, it is nowhere mentioned that you should go to a temple or worship or give money and ask for something. These are modern practices which people have started without giving a thought. In ancient times it was told that when you go to the temple, sit there for some time and then come back. It was said so because there is a field of positive energy that has been created and one could recharge himself with positive vibrations. It was never created as a place of God or a place of worship. It was created as a powerful place of energy where everyone could make use of it.


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