Get a mystical walkthrough the underwater Sculpture Museum in the Mediterranean

Museum of Underwater Sculpture Ayia Napa (MUSAN) sits within a marine protected area about 200m from Pernera Beach, Cyprus, in 8-10m deep water. The water is accessible to scuba divers, snorkelers and freedivers. The beauty of this museum is tonnes of Art. It is designed by Jason deCaires taylor. The installation is a stunning collection of over 93 artworks weighing about 250 tonnes in total. These artworks were lowered into the sea.

It is designed to resemble a path through a dense underwater forest. It features figures dotted among the trees. It explores the beautiful relationship between nature and man. It is a mystical walkthrough. A striking figure welcomes visitors at the entrance with a series of up to 8 metre high floating figures resembling California forests, leading to massive oak trees with connected canopies.

The works on display are part of an eco art movement. Nature lovers with love to explore this mystical underwater museum. It is hoped that over time the artworks will create the ideal habitat to encourage the aggregation of fish and provide food and shelter for a variety of creatures. There are very special elements as well which make this museum absolutely unique. The floating elements are made from high grade marine steel and the cement elements are made from pH-neutral concrete that promotes underwater life.

The installation purpose is to enhance the story of Ayia Napa’s newly created Marine Protected Zone, while acknowledging the deforestation practices of the past. It highlights the need to rewild our oceans and prevent ecosystems. Among the various narratives, one is of the children pointing their cameras at the human race. It is a symbolism of making people realize what is going on and be responsible. Delve in the wild and get a mystical walkthrough the underwater Sculpture Museum.