Gang warfare in Delhi court: gangs to be blamed


Jitender Gogi, a gangster, arrested and brought to court in the Indian capital city on Friday (Sept 24), was shot and killed by rival gang members who pretended to be attorneys and barged into the hearing. According to officials, the shootout occurred inside the Rohini court complex in north Delhi.
According to the police, two individuals disguised as attorneys opened fire on Gogi inside the courtroom, killing him instantly. The assailants were shot and killed by security officers on the scene.
According to the police, the shooting resulted from years of animosity between Gogi’s group and the rival “Tillu gang,” with more than 25 individuals killed in fights between the two gangs over the years.
Gogi, who was around 30 years old, has been tied to gang wars, killings, robberies, and extortion in Delhi and other northern Indian states. He was initially apprehended in 2016 but managed to flee police custody and remained untraced until last year.
Gogi’s aggressive reputation had made him a target for both cops and rival gangs, with media sources claiming that other groups were infuriated by his incursions into their turf.
“Two people from rival gang opened fire at Jitender Gogi inside the court. The police present there retaliated swiftly and killed those two assailants,” a senior police officer said. “Total three dead, including Gogi.”
The firing incident triggered panic inside the court complex. A judge, lawyers and others were reportedly present in the courtroom during the shooting. A video, which showed the moment when the gangsters started firing, also showed two children running amid the sound of gunshots.
“Inside the court, two members of a rival gang opened fire on Jitender Gogi. According to a senior police official, the officers on the scene responded quickly and killed the two attackers “. “There are three people deceased in all, including Gogi.”
The shooting event caused fear in the courthouse. During the incident, a judge, attorneys, and others were present in the courtroom. Two youngsters were seen running amid the bullets in a video that captured the moment the criminals began firing.


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