From drivng miles to building an e-community: Ivana Basic


Being a teacher and being born to a teacher is the best thing that can happen to anyone! And this is what happened to Ivana Basic; Ivana has been teaching for the past 28 years in this beautiful elementary school in a charming country known as Croatia.
She started teaching in 1992, an era with no internet or technology; she had to drive miles and miles to attend seminars that would help her gain extra knowledge since she had her mother’s support, who was also a teacher.
Travelling to faraway lands to attend seminars isn’t the only hardship Ivana had to face; for the longest period, she didn’t have a permanent job, she had to change her classes frequently. But being the positive person that she is, she took this as an opportunity and further advanced in her education. This way, she was able to support her family, grow her self-confidence, improve her STEM field, and get a hold of the knowledge of modern technologies involved in education.
To actively change herself and enhance her students’ skills, Ivana joined the eTwinning community. This community is known for building a healthy community for teachers, librarians, principals, etc. It also allows the members to collaborate, exchange knowledge experiences, etc.
The students can research and learn quickly and involve in humanitarian work too.
Ivana works on creating digital content for students so that they can learn and implement everything in their day to day activities. Ivana has received a lot of awards for her exceptional work; from being the winner of the international global teacher award for 2019, winner of the green thinker awards 2020, to receive the Global Teacher Award Environment teacher 2020, she has achieved it all. Thats not it; she is also the goodwill ambassador at Vivekanand world peace foundation.
Ivana’s story proves that you need to have a strong will, and everything will fall into place.


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