From dreaming about teaching to fulfilling it: Kyriaki Xynta


Every one of us has childhood dreams, and we have spent endless hours on them. But having faith in your dreams and converting them into a reality is something that many of us may not have been able to achieve.
But there is one of us who, since the age of 8, has known what she wanted to be and didn’t stop till she achieved it. Today’s story is about Kyriaki Xynta, who followed her dream of becoming a teacher and now is teaching for almost 24 years.
At the age of 18, Kyriaki Xynta cleared University entrance Exams at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki at the Department of French Literature. While pursuing her studies, she took upon a teacher training course at the British Council and became a qualified English teacher.
She graduated from University and started teaching students in her studio, later becoming an accredited private school,which she has been running successfully for the past 12 years. She teaches students of all ages.
This has also allowed her to attend workshops on various topics like grammar, learning, reading, speaking, etc. She also took training on how to manage the students who have learning difficulties.
Kyriaki believes that teachers should always be voracious learners if they want their students to become the best version of themselves. Throughout her career, she has wanted to break through the boundaries of her classroom, and thus at this point her journey as a Microsoft community member started.
Through this community, she is helping her students to know other cultures, lifestyles, mentalities, etc. Within five years, she has made great headway in becoming a part of an even global community. Currently, she is a MIEexpert, wakelet Ambassador, Buncee Ambassador, and Flipgrid Certified level 2.
She and her team carry out skype and zoom sessions with various countries, wherein they present projects, take part in competitions, organize field trips, all having one major goal: empower her students’ voices and instill critical skills in them. And right now, her students are proud users of Microsoft tools like Flipfrid, Wakelet,Buncee, which have helped them in language acquisition.
Due to her mind-blowing efforts, her school will be awarded a prize by thce EltExcellence Awards 2021. This is a tremendous honor for her and her students as their efforts that have impacted the global community have been recognized.
Her story and efforts prove that you can fulfill all your dreams, no matter how small or big they are.


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