Frog wedding: A unique tradition in Assam


In a unique tradition, frogs are married by the people of Assam. All the arrangements of a wedding are made, people are invited and frogs are married according to customs and traditions. But why on earth frogs are married? Here is this interesting answer to this question. According to the people living in Assam, their ancestors have a poem which states that the farmers pray to the clouds and ask them as to why there is no rain? The clouds reply that if the frogs do not croak, then why will it rain. Monsoon is the mating season for the frogs. Hence if the frog croaks, then it rains. That means the croaking of the frog is associated with the rain. 
People have paddy fields here. Water is really essential for that. When it doesn’t rain for a long time, then the families of the farmers arrange the frog wedding to end the drought. It is a traditional belief of the people of Assam and they call it ‘Bekhuli Biya’ as well. ‘Bekhuli’ is Assamese for frogs whereas ‘Biya’ is for marriage. They believe that Lord Indra, the god of rain, is pleased by this and then they experience rain. This unique wedding has the traditions and rituals of an Indian wedding. 
In the frog wedding, the female frog is made to sit and oil is applied on her. Then the frog is left with her and people go to fetch water. After they get water, they bathe the female frog. After that they also dress the female frog. Then the groom’s family celebrates and comes for the wedding. The bride’s family wait for them at the door and all the rituals of a traditional marriage are followed.  After the wedding rituals are done, they leave the frogs into a pond as the frogs live in water. After this, they pray to the god of rain. Everyone contributes for this marriage. This unique tradition in Assam is really astonishing. 


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