Forensics plays a vital role in the criminal investigation


The increasing terrorist incidents in the country and abroad have increased the demand of forensic experts. The need of trained security forces to arrest the perpetrators of criminal incidents is the demand of society and time today. Knowledge of this science is very helpful in catching people related to crime.
A team from Voice Asia India met Dr. Dayal Sharan, Joint Director, Forensic Science Laboratory, Uttarakhand to know about forensic science and the role it plays in criminal investigation. He shared valuable information. He also told about a case in which a girl was mercilessly raped and murdered. To find the perpetrator, vaginal swabs were collected from the victims and sent for DNA analysis. After that the sample was matched with the accused. It matched and this is how the killer was arrested and was sentenced to death. This case was historic and portrayed an example that forensic science plays a vital role in catching criminals. He further said that to make society crimeless, we need sound forensic management. Forensic science is that weapon which can catch vicious criminals and provide justice to the victim.
The court also takes forward the investigation with the help of this science. Forensic science has an important role in solving killings by terrorists or mysterious deaths. The Investigating Officer appears before the court only on the input received from the forensic scientist. The forensic expert inspects the scene if necessary.
Forensic science is now popular not only abroad but also in the country. Increasing jobs in this field have increased opportunities for students to take a course in forensic science. There are many job options for those who study it. This is the reason why the craze of this science of detecting crime is increasing. People of this field prove to be helpful in reaching the criminals by examining other body fluids including blood.
Essential skills required to work in this field are curious nature, faith and curiosity regarding law and order, concern for accuracy, logical, practical and systematic approach and the ability of scientific analysis.
Students pursuing degrees, diplomas and certificate courses from forensic science have no shortage of jobs. People in this field are required to work at CBI, CID, Police Department, IB, Ministry of Defense, Forensic Laboratory, Narcotics Department, Bank, Army, Court, Hospital, Quality Control Bureau in the Government Sector and Security Service Agency, Law Firms in the Private Sector. There is no shortage of jobs in detective agencies, banks, insurance companies etc.
A student studying forensic Science can work as a Teacher / Professor, Forensic Engineer, Genetic Expert, Forensic Psychologist, Forensic Scientist, Forensic Investigator, Forensic Expert, Environment Analyst, Forensic Medical Examiner, Scientific Officer, Investigating Officer, Forensic Analyst, Forensic Science Forensic Consultant, Detective etc.
Forensics plays a vital role in criminal administration and solving heinous crimes. Without forensics, it would be impossible to catch notorious criminals. Although it has a vital role in the criminal investigation, yet people are still unaware about this field. This field has an abundance of jobs and opportunities which can be explored by students.


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