Foreign troops must leave Maldives, president-elect Muizzu says

Foreign military forces cannot stay in the Maldives, president-elect Mohamed Muizzu told a rally enjoying his victory in carefully seen weekend presidential elections that are anticipated to bring boost in strengthening and building  ties of India with China. Muizzu, who beat incumbent President Ibrahim Solih in a second-round runoff on Saturday, is backed by a coalition recognized to be close to China, and championed an “India Out” campaign a few years ago, in opposition to a small unit of Indian military.

“All the nations which agree to our pro-Maldives policy will be our intimate acquaintances and friends,” Muizzu told supporters at Monday’s occasion. “We have a plan to send back foreign soldiers in the Maldives,” he said , he did not care much to mention any nation. In the past his party has viewed India’s overwhelming impact as a potential threat to independence and Muizzu threw allegations on the South Asian nation of having their plan to create and launch a permanent military presence in the Indian Ocean archipelago.

India, with traditionally intimate cooperation to Male, rejects that assertion, and is helping to build a naval harbour for Maldivian forces to be trained by its military. New Delhi will “keep patience and keep an eye” Muizzu’s policies, a senior Indian government official said, speaking on state of invisibility. He has to collaboratively work with us, and we have to work with him,” the official added, that India was “not anti-Maldives”. Solih, who protected an “India First” policy, goes on in office until Muizzu is establishing on Nov. 17.