Foreign brands in china are criticized for misleading their shoppers


Following the government fining the Chinese unit of apparel firm Canada Goose for fraudulent advertising, Chinese state media and governing party members have pounced on numerous international businesses, accusing them of deceiving buyers.
The scolding comes as tensions between China and Western countries have fueled patriotism and prompted some customers to seek out domestic brands.
The punishment for Canada Goose was described as a “basket of lies and a wave of falsehoods” by the Communist Youth League, China’s ruling party’s youth wing, on its WeChat social media account.
In a Wednesday (Sept 8) editorial, the state-owned China Economic Daily singled out the down jacket maker, noting how the Shanghai municipal administration for market control penalized its local unit 450,000 yuan (S$94,000) for deceptive advertising in June. The market regulator stated that the jackets mainly utilize duck down rather than goose down and that claims that Hutterite down was the warmest Canadian down deceived customers. The market regulator was hailed by the China Economic Daily for “capturing the lying Canada goose across the Pacific.”
A request for comment from Canada Goose and its China subsidiary was not immediately returned. But it’s not just Canada Goose that’s been chastised, according to the publication, which also claims that Chinese customers increasingly doubt their belief that imported items are superior.


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