Following the lifting of the arms embargo, Cambodia’s Prime Minister orders the destruction of US weaponry


After Washington imposed an arms embargo over human rights concerns and Phnom Penh’s close ties with China, Cambodian leader Hun Sen ordered its military to destroy any US weaponry or store it in warehouses on Friday (Dec 10). The US placed a weapons embargo on Cambodia on Wednesday, citing worries about the country’s human rights and corruption, as well as China’s involvement there.
According to a statement, the US State and Commerce ministries took steps to limit Cambodia’s military and intelligence organizations’ access to “defense items and defense services.” On Friday, though, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen played down the quality of US weaponry and equipment.
“I’ve ordered all army units to conduct an emergency examination of Cambodia’s present arsenal of weapons and military equipment. If there are any US armaments or military materials, they must be recalled and stored or destroyed as appropriate “In a Facebook post, he stated.
“(The US arms embargo) is a reminder to the next generation of Cambodian leaders that if they want a self-sufficient defence sector, they should avoid using US weaponry.”
“Many who employ US weapons lose wars,” the Cambodian strongman stated, citing Afghanistan as one example. Washington sanctioned two Cambodian officials in November for charges of corruption involving a US-funded naval facility.


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