Flag of Malaysia: What does it symbolize?


A flag is of national importance in every country. The flag of Malaysia is also known as Malay: Jalur Gemilang (Stripes of Glory). It is composed of a field of 14 red and white stripes alternating and a dark blue square in the top left hand corner. It is bearing a crescent and a 14 point star which is also known as a federal star. The 14 strips are of equal width and represent 13 member states and the Federal territories. The 14 points of the star constitute unity between these states and territories. The crescent stand for Islam, the country’s state religion. The blue square represents the unity of the Malaysian people. The yellow color of the star and crescent represents the royal color of the Malay rulers. The flag was designed by Mohamed Hamzah and was first adopted on 26 May 1950. Each of the Malaysian federal territories as well as 13 states have their own flag as well. On the top of houses and buildings, both the regional flag and national flag are hosted side by side. A flag anthem is also written as a dedication to the Malaysian national flag.


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