Find content misleading on Twitter? Now you can flag it


Twitter has launched a new function that allows users to identify content that may include misinformation, a problem that has only gotten worse since the Covid-19 outbreak began.
“We’re beta-testing a tool that allows you to report tweets that appear to be deceptive – as you see them,” the social media platform wrote on its safety and security account. Some users in the United States, South Korea, and Australia may see a button after clicking “report tweet” on Tuesday (Aug 17) that says “it’s deceptive.”
Users can also be more explicit, marking the erroneous tweet as containing potentially false information regarding “health,” “politics,” or “other.”
“We’re reviewing if this is an effective method, so we’re starting small,” the San Francisco-based startup stated.
“While we may not be able to act on or respond to every complaint in the trial, your feedback will assist us in identifying trends so that we may enhance the timeliness and scope of our larger anti-misinformation efforts.”
Like Facebook and YouTube, Twitter is frequently chastised by critics for failing to do enough to combat the spread of disinformation. However, because the platform lacks the resources of its Silicon Valley counterparts, it frequently depends on experimental tactics rather than hiring armies of moderators.


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