Fashion Tribute: Serbian Runway Showcases Dior Designs Inspired by Shooting Victim’s Art

In a poignant tribute to a young life tragically cut short, Jelena Acimovic took to the runway at Belgrade Fashion Week on Friday evening, donning a dress adorned with designs inspired by her late sister’s artwork. Angelina Acimovic, just 14 years old, was among the victims of a school massacre that shook Serbia to its core last year, leaving a profound void in the hearts of her loved ones.

As Jelena graced the catwalk in a dress crafted by Dior, bearing striking resemblance to a wedding gown, she carried with her the memory of Angelina, whose life was abruptly ended in a senseless act of violence. Angelina’s passion for art and fashion lived on through her drawings, created during a childhood enriched by creativity and imagination.

“To commemorate Angelina’s life, her family called on designers to bring her drawings to life,” explained Jelena before the show, her voice filled with emotion. Angelina’s sketches, crafted at the tender age of 10 during a designers course for children, captured the essence of joy and beauty, reflecting her vibrant spirit and artistic talent.

Among the designers who responded to the Acimovic family’s heartfelt plea was Bata Spasojevic, who was deeply moved by Angelina’s artistic vision. With meticulous care and reverence, Spasojevic transformed Angelina’s sketches into tangible works of art, infusing each design with a sense of grace and elegance.

As the runway came to life with a kaleidoscope of colors and textures, Angelina’s sisters, friends, and professional models took center stage, adorned in dresses crafted from her cherished drawings. For Marija, Angelina’s older sister, wearing a sleeveless pink dress evoked bittersweet memories of her sister’s favorite color and her enduring presence in their lives.

“I am thinking about Angelina, that she is with us this evening and that she is happy with what we are doing,” Marija reflected, her words echoing the sentiments of her family and loved ones.

In the wake of unimaginable tragedy, Andjelko Acimovic, Angelina’s father, established a foundation in her honor, dedicated to preserving her memory and legacy. With unwavering determination, he vowed to honor Angelina’s spirit by advocating for change and fostering a culture of compassion and understanding.

As Serbia grappled with the aftermath of the school massacre, the outpouring of support and solidarity reverberated across the nation, culminating in widespread calls for action and accountability. In honoring Angelina’s memory through art and fashion, the Acimovic family seeks to inspire hope and healing, transforming tragedy into a testament to the enduring power of love and remembrance.