Failures and Stress in Adolescents and Teens of today


What one must understand with clarity is that just as one success can’t make you, similarly you must accept the fact that one failure can’t break you.
Life is easily the greatest gift from God and we must learn to hang on to it in all situations and circumstances. We must learn to celebrate the fact that we are alive and be grateful to God for this life that he chose to give us.
Just as I write this article, I get to hear the sad news of a seventeen year old wrestler who decided to end her life just because she lost in the finals of a wrestling contest by a solitary point. How I wish that someone had explained to her that failure is just an event and not a person. How I really wish that someone had read the visible signs of a person not emotionally strong in her rather than just being able to look at her madness filled passion for glory.
So, what made her take such a drastic decision? Was it pressure, shame, self-doubt, stress, disappointment, sadness or a combination of these factors that led to a state of depression that caused it? Or, was it just an extreme rush of negative emotions that led to this dangerously impulsive moment of extreme madness and stupidity? Why are the adolescents of today so weak?
The key to prevent suicidal thoughts and stay motivated to not take such decisions lies in one’s ability to be Emotionally Intelligent. With the increase of suicides amongst the adolescents and the teens, a lot of qualitative research has been done on the connection of suicides and emotional intelligence.
And the results? The tests clearly showed that a high level of Emotional Intelligence plays a very important role in protecting against suicidal behaviour. It was also found that when people had lower levels of Emotional Intelligence, they displayed higher suicidal behaviour.
So, can Emotional Intelligence be taught to children? Yes! It definitely can be taught! I have written in my earlier articles on EI and children that children must be taught to handle their emotions. And for this, they must learn to be self-aware and also learn to regulate their emotions.
After all, It’s not what happens to you ,but how you handle what happens that makes the difference. In simple words, it’s now the time that we believed in “ Schooling the Emotions”.

Manish Gupta – EI Workshop Consultant, Motivational Speaker and Educationist


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