Explore the cleanest village in Asia


Mawlynnong, Meghalaya is the cleanest village of not just India, but it is the cleanest village of Asia. It is also called ‘God’s own Garden’. It has breathtaking surroundings and the weather is pleasant throughout the year. The village head Mr. Thomlin says that the villagers have been into cleanliness for many generations. Their ancestors have not only taught them the advantages of cleanliness but also the importance of keeping the environment clean. The village head also punishes the villagers if they don’t keep the village clean.
It was awarded the cleanest village of Asia title by Discover India magazine in 2003. Dustbins made of bamboo play an important role in the cleanliness of the village. You will find them in all the corners of the village. Because of its cleanliness, it has become a major tourism destination. Tourists who litter the place have to give donations to make the place clean as it was originally. It is cleaner than most places in Europe.
Dried leaves and flowers are collected in a dry pit and are turned into manure in a period of two years. Leftover food like rice and vegetables is fed to pigs outside the village. It has also achieved 100% literacy rate. Most of the houses there has a soak pit. The village council has ordered the house owners who don’t have a soak pit, to get one constructed soon. It is the only village in India in which every house has an attached washroom. It is a mandatory condition for the construction of new houses as well to first get a washroom constructed. The residents of this village have been following this custom for 24 years now.


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