Explore Deep Dive Dubai : World’s deepest pool that holds a sunken city

Dubai is famous for its world records. It has the World’s tallest building, World’s largest fountain and the World’s fastest roller coaster. These are just a few examples. Now it has the World’s deepest pool as well. Deep Dive Dubai is a post Apocalyptic underwater world. It is designed to look like a sunken city. It is the Guinness World Record holder for the world’s deepest pool. It is one of the most unique facilities available in the world.

It has become the world’s deepest diving pool beating the former deepest diving pool, Deep Spot in Poland by 50 ft. The indoor pool is housed inside a 1500 sqm oyster shaped structure that highlights UAE’s pearl diving heritage. Freedivers or Scuba can play chess or foosball in the arcade. They can also explore abandoned apartments, streetscapes, garages and much more. Divers also get to navigate through caves.

The depth of the water is 60.02 m which is approximately 196 ft and 10 inches. Water capacity is an astounding 14 million litres of freshwater. For enhanced experience there is mood lighting, sound systems and more than 55 cameras. They have the technology to adjust the intensity of lights throughout the facility. To maintain freshwater, a unique filtration system is used. The water gets circulated and filtered every 6 hours using NASA developed technology and siliceous volcanic rock.

Here people get to experience what professional divers do. Exploring something underwater is something people can not normally do. Deep Dive Dubai is providing people with the ultimate experience of exploring a sunken city. It is fascinating.The facility also has a gift shop, diving shop and a restaurant so that non diving families can watch the beautiful views. Moreover it is the region’s largest underwater film studio. This fascinating facility will soon be open for the public to explore. For now one can explore this enchanting site by invitation only.