Enkeleda Lulaj, established international presence through dedication towards education

Education is one of the main components that brings growth and progress in society. The more people in a society are educated, the more they can make a beneficial contribution to their environment. We as a society all over the world are in an era of “Lifelong Learning” so we must be committed to the maximum to raise the quality of education.

One such educator is Enkeleda Lulaj, a Doctor of Economic Sciences in the field of finance and accounting. She completed her basic and postgraduate studies in Kosovo, while she completed her Doctoral Studies in the State of Macedonia and two programs in America at the University of Florida. During her studies she won a scholarship from the Ministry of Education and in 2008 she received the award as “Distinguished Student” in Kosovo. After completing her postgraduate studies, she got employed at Haxhi Zeka University, where she is currently working.

Her journey was not easy at all but with will and determination, she achieved everything. She started teaching when she was very young. She has collaborated in many projects and now she is engaged globally with different universities. She has been invited as a professor at many Universities, various conferences, projects, boards of prestigious magazines and boards for higher education. She has also received a large number of awards in many countries around the world such as: distinguished professor, inspiring woman, for research etc.

The main attributes that affect the growth of cooperation are: respect, satisfaction for work and learning, continuous reflection and improvement. She created online classes which increased the satisfaction of the students for learning. She is also in the Faculty of Management in Tourism, Hospitality and Environment, Peja-State of Kosovo. One of the projects in higher education is “The prospect of tourism in Kosovo” which is a research of students at the University “Haxhi Zeka”, respectively, at the Faculty of Management in Tourism, Hospitality and Environment. In the tourist prospect, students presented their promotional ideas by researching Albanian writers’ literature, online and in the field.

She is the Ambassador for Financial Evaluation, Ambassador for WomenTech, as well as the Ambassador for Research and Science. She is the Country Director of IYS- international Young Society, Country director of WVI-World Voice International. She is a board member in several countries of the world: USA, Belgium, Georgia, India, Germany, Denmark. She is a supervisor at international conferences in Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, France, Turkey. She  is a reviewer in several international magazines in Poland, United Kingdom. She has given many lectures at Universities around the world such as: America, India, Indonesia, Egypt, Philippines, Belgium, Germany, Albania. She is the winner of many awards in the world for teaching, science, creative ideas, a successful woman, for peace etc.

She is the perfect example of hard work, patience and success. She has established her international presence through her dedication and zeal towards education. She is determined to bring positive changes in education and share her success and knowledge with the world.