Emotional Intelligence – The Need of The Hour in Children


We live in a world where we all strongly focus on attempting to provide as much knowledge as possible to the children. A world where every parent wants his child to be a topper and wants his child to be the best. It is always a question of improving the intelligence quotient. The target for every parent in India is for their child to crack the JEE, NEET or get into IIM or any other top educational institution in the country. And for this, enroll with all the big names of coaching, adding to the already existing academic pressure on children.
But then, is this the real education? Are just these intellectual capabilities enough to sail through what is known as “life”??? The answer is a very firm NO! The children need to be taught how to become emotionally intelligent too. They need to understand how to handle failures. They need to learn how to empathize, how to be respectful, how to be responsible, how to be compassionate and how to be patient. And for all this, what they must learn is, how to be emotionally intelligent.
Not learning to handle your emotions can more often than not, create a situation where one does not learn how to handle life. It is extremely important that children be taught to understand how to be able to handle the very powerful and commonly expressed emotions like Anger, Love, Anxiety, Enthusiasm, Joy, Fear and Loneliness. If there is trouble in understanding and handling these emotions, there will be trouble in handling oneself and in handling relationships too. Also, there is enough evidence and research that has proved that children with stronger skills of EI tend to be more successful in life and also in handling relationships.
Emotional Intelligence is certainly more than the need of the hour today. Imagine being told by a doctor that your 12 year old child is in a condition called Depression. Ever heard of such things happening before? Ever heard of young children taking to violence and sexual assaults? Ever heard of children as young as 13 and 14, killing themselves because their parents scolded them for not studying or for watching too much T.V?
In schools, getting the children into a curriculum that also is planned to impart skills of Emotional Intelligence, is extremely important and must become a reality. After all, schools must focus also on churning out Good Human Beings and not just intelligent human beings.

Manish Gupta- EI Workshop Consultant, Motivational Speaker and Educationist.



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