Emirates Halts Transit Flights through Dubai in Wake of Record Storm Disruptions

Emirates, the renowned airline of Dubai, has announced the suspension of check-in services for all customers with connecting flights through the city following the aftermath of a historic storm that swept across the United Arab Emirates. The decision, effective until 2359 GMT on April 19, underscores the ongoing challenges faced by the airline and Dubai International Airport in the wake of the unprecedented weather event.

The suspension of onward connection flights comes in the wake of the UAE experiencing its heaviest rainfall in 75 years, causing widespread disruption and damage across the country. Dubai International Airport, a major global hub, has been grappling with flight diversions, delays, and cancellations as it works to clear a backlog of flights amid the aftermath of the storm.

While customers traveling to Dubai as their final destination are unaffected and may proceed with check-in and travel as usual, the decision reflects the ongoing efforts to manage the logistical complexities arising from the adverse weather conditions.

Paul Griffiths, Chief Executive of Dubai Airports, highlighted the significant impact of the flight disruptions, acknowledging the challenges faced by thousands of passengers affected by cancellations earlier in the week. Meanwhile, Majed Al Joker, Chief Operating Officer of Dubai International Airport, expressed confidence in the airport’s ability to resume normal operations within 24 hours, signaling a swift return to full capacity and regular scheduling.

The storm, which originated in neighboring Oman before striking the UAE, claimed several lives and caused widespread devastation, with vehicles abandoned on flooded streets and infrastructure severely affected. Despite efforts to restore normalcy, disruptions persist, with some areas experiencing shortages of essential supplies and ongoing challenges in transportation and logistics.

As the UAE continues to recover from the aftermath of the storm, Emirates and Dubai International Airport remain committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of travelers while striving to minimize disruptions and restore seamless operations. The resilience and adaptability demonstrated in the face of adversity underscore the enduring strength of Dubai’s aviation sector and its unwavering commitment to maintaining world-class standards amidst challenging circumstances.