Emirates Flight Damaged After Hitting Flamingos in Mumbai

MUMBAI – An Emirates flight landed safely in Mumbai on the night of May 20 after colliding with a flock of flamingos shortly before touchdown, causing damage to the plane and leaving several birds dead.

According to an Emirates spokesperson, flight EK508 from Dubai to Mumbai experienced a “bird strike incident upon landing.” The Boeing 777 aircraft hit the flock approximately 300 meters from the ground, resulting in the deaths of 39 flamingos, the Times of India reported.

“The aircraft landed safely and all passengers and crew disembarked without injury. However, sadly, a number of flamingos were lost, and Emirates is cooperating with the authorities on the matter,” the spokesperson confirmed to Reuters on May 22.

Images in local media depicted officials handling bloodied flamingos, which migrate to Mumbai every winter from the neighboring state of Gujarat. The collision caused damage to the Emirates aircraft, leading to the cancellation of the return flight to Dubai scheduled for the same night.

Emirates is currently working with aviation authorities to investigate the incident and assess the extent of the damage to the aircraft. The airline has also expressed its condolences over the loss of the flamingos and emphasized its commitment to ensuring the safety of both its passengers and wildlife.

This incident highlights the challenges faced by airports located near migratory bird routes and the ongoing efforts required to mitigate such risks.