Edgar Cheung: exemplifying ‘Nothing is impossible’

Edgar Cheung is the talk of Hong Kong after his surreal run at Tokyo 2020. For him it was like a dream. It was a dream for him to be an Olympic champion. Hong Kong’s second ever Olympic Gold has sparked fresh interest in fencing. After Cheung’s historic win, fencing schools in the city have been flooded with enquiries. The athlete’s success also inspired fencers already training in Hong Kong. he has become a role model. It’s after all Hong Kong’s second ever Gold medal after so many years. People are very moved to see him win the Olympic gold. His victory offered a needed boost for morale in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong was in turmoil for the past 2 years. There were very violent anti-government protests in 2019. There was the imposition of National Security Law by Mainland China in 2020 and the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. But now people are proud and united celebrating his success. Both the parents of Cheung played national league basketball in Hong Kong and China. He was only in fourth grade when he took up fencing.  In 2013, he was named Most Promising Young Athlete of Hong Kong at the Samsung Hong Kong Sports Stars awards ceremony. He was named as Outstanding Junior Athlete in 2014 by the Hong Kong Sports Institute.

At the 2014 Asian Fencing Championships, he won a bronze in team foil in Suwon. He also won a bronze in team foil at the Incheon Asian Games. At the Asian Fencing Championships in 2015, he earned a bronze in individual foil. He won an individual gold and a bronze in team in the Asian Fencing Championships, 2016 in Wuxi. He then competed at the Summer Olympics, 2016 in Rio de Janeiro in men’s foil, finishing 11th. At the 2017 Junior and Cadet World Fencing Championships in Bulgaria, Cheung was the gold medalist in men’s foil. Furthermore he earned a silver medal in individual foil. He also won a bronze in team foil in the Asian Fencing Championships, 2017 in Hong Kong.

At the 2018 Asian Fencing Championships in Bangkok , he won a silver in team foil along with a bronze in individual foil. At the Jakarta Asian Games, he won a silver in team foil. In 2019 he earned a silver  medal in the Turin Grand Prix, a bronze in the Anaheim Grand Prix as well as a silver in individual foil. He moreover won a bronze in team foil at the Asian Fencing Championships. At such a young age, his achievements are astonishing. He has accomplished so much only by virtue of his hard work, work ethics and determination. He has set a very high bar which is going to be very difficult for anyone to break. He has become an inspiration.