Economic development in Asia still faces many challenges, says China’s commerce minister

China’s commerce Minister is saying that economic and trade development in Asia – Pacific has been facing a lot of challenges and turbulences. Mr Wang had conversations with various leaders and exchanged his views on economic and trade problems and how they can be resolved efficiently. Mr Wang understood the problems faced by the country. He said that China is willing to make its contributions as it is a developing country. China includes Apec economies to continue to work open regionalism, to constantly promote the process of regional economic integration,  trade and investment cooperation, and also enjoy the new advancements and dividends brought by the development of  industries.
Leaders of the World are passionately understanding the need to look for ways to strengthen and improve global supply chains. Covid has had a drastic impact on these chains and workings. Post Covid , we are still trying to rectify the processes for everyone’s wellbeing and immune of the countries. Mr Wang is also urging to help small countries who are facing economic imbalance due to Covid. He wants to bring balance, coordination, investments in infrastructures and boost industries to be more helpful for each other.