E-Bike Catches Fire Outside Bedok South Flat, Prompting Evacuation of 50 Residents

SINGAPORE – An electric bicycle ignited in flames on the fifth floor of a Housing Board block in Bedok South, resulting in charred walls and corridors and causing approximately 50 residents to evacuate their homes late on May 25. The fire broke out around 11:45 PM at Block 38 Bedok South Road.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) reported that the blaze involved a power-assisted bicycle (PAB) located in the corridor. Firefighters arrived promptly and extinguished the fire using a water jet. Fortunately, there were no injuries reported. Preliminary investigations suggest that the fire originated from the battery pack of the PAB.

A video shared on TikTok by a user named “shopwithlala4” captured the dramatic scene, showing flames engulfing part of the corridor, with explosions heard in the background and residents shouting, “There’s a fire.”

In response to the incident, the SCDF issued a public advisory, emphasizing the importance of purchasing original batteries for electric bicycles and cautioning against charging these batteries for extended periods or overnight. They also reminded the public that personal mobility devices and electric bicycles sold locally must comply with the UL2272 and EN15194 safety certification standards set by the Land Transport Authority.

This incident underscores the critical need for safety precautions when using and maintaining electric bicycles to prevent such hazardous occurrences.