Drastic rise in online child sexual abuse alarming


Child sexual abuse on the internet has become a global problem which is worse than a pandemic. Due to online sexual abuse of children, innocent lives and childhood gets ruined. Crimes against children are increasing on a large scale at global level. It is true that in the last few years, one after the other gruesome incidents of child sexual abuse is a blot on humainty. 
Despite the continuous tightening of laws and regulations by the government, the incidents are not decreasing. Increasing economic vulnerability has lead to increase in sexual expollitation of children. Because of advancement in technology, it has become easier and cheaper to create, generate and circulate content online. The online world through pop up ads promote pornographic content which has made the consumption of such content easily accessible and available. 
Strict measures need to be taken immediately at global level. This horrific problem needs global attention. Sensitization of law enforcement agencies must be done. Children must be educated about these problems. They must be aware enough to spot and report such problems. 
Websites and platforms that host such content must be reported and they must face legal action. Any content that promotes exploitation of children must be removed immediately. States must focus on technological advancement that can help catch perpetrators easily. Deterrent is very necessary so that perpetrators think before committing such crimes. 
The rate at which online sexual abuse of children has increased is alarming. It can leave scars on innocent souls and minds which can become impossible to heal. Parents must be careful and vigilant regarding what their children are doing on the internet. This global problem needs to be addressed urgently. 


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