Divine event held to protect and preserve culture


Culture of a country is one of its most important aspects. It forms the foundation of the country and its citizens. Culture and traditions are changing from generation to generation. Science and technology has played a huge role in declining the value of culture. Today children are getting away from their culture and traditions. We have adopted western culture as our own culture. The authentic culture of every country has become a part of history and can only be found in books.  
Protecting and preserving our culture is very important. The most important thing is to protect our cultural values.  Sacrifice, respect, restraint, truth, non-violence, spirituality have all been the hallmarks of our culture.  Where we once used to take pride in our culture, today’s youth is infatuated with western culture.  Lifestyle has completely changed and has started to distance itself from its principles and values.
A new innovative step has been taken to inculcate the love of culture and tradition among the children in a school located in Hetauda, Nepal.  The school has established an example. The SARC open school made it possible for more than 1000 children to be present at the Aarti in the courtyard of Bhutan Devi Temple and all children rang worship bells with their hands. The atmosphere was magical and divine. 
This majestic incident was recorded in the International Book of Records. Many people in Nepal, nationally and internationally sent their best wishes for this commendable step taken in collaboration with Prones Asia, JIE Schools Asia and SARC Foundation.
Mr. Laxman Basnet (Chairman, SARC Foundation) said that we all need to understand the importance and value of our culture. Everyone should make efforts to preserve their culture. 
Mr. Kaushal Kumar (Executive Secretary, PRONES Asia) congratulated everyone who made efforts to make this possible. He also congratulated all the students who were able to witness and be a part of this divine event. He stated that they will continue to make efforts to make such events possible in future as well and take action towards preserving our culture. 


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