Discover how a single person cleaned an entire contaminated lake: Marino Morikawa


With increase in technology, experts have been able to find more and more pollutants in oceans and water bodies throughout the world. Freshwater bodies have been used by humans for dumping waste and chemicals. It has become difficult to find a clean lake or river. A scientist from Peru, Marino Morikawa, got to know that a lake from his childhood has become contaminated. He did not just sit back and felt bad about it. He made it a goal of his life to clean the lake from his childhood.
He was doing research work in Japan when he learnt that the lake, with which he has many childhood memories associated with has become extremely polluted. He left the research work he was doing and came back to Peru. The lake is called Cascajo Wetlands. After he came back, he was shocked to see the condition of the lake. It was hard for him to believe that it is the same lake where he spent his childhood.
A terrible smell was emitting from the water. He remembered 150 hectares of wetland which had now diminished to 40 hectares. He held a PhD in Bioindustrial Science. He used the knowledge and education he has gained to develop a technology that could help to clean the lake. He did not have enough money to work on the technology so he used all of his personal savings and borrowed money from banks.
He came up with a solution which was breakthrough which mother nature needed. He came up with a nano-system in which water could be cleaned by adding microbubble solution and using biofilters. He developed this technology in 6 months and he cleaned the wetlands in 4 months. More than 10 fish species have come back and dozens of birds have returned.
He broke a common perception that one person can not save the environment. Many volunteers have joined him with the aim to clean all local lakes of Peru. The technology invented by him is expensive but it does work wonders and is totally worth it. The solution he adds to the water is so eco-friendly that it is also safe for consumption. With his patented technology, he is on a mission to clean other lakes.


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