Dinisha Bhardwaj Singh: Turning Passion into profession


Nothing extraordinary in the world can be achieved without passion. Passion is the thing that drives people to be the best version of themselves and thrive to continue to be better. Captain (Dr) Dinisha Bhardwaj Singh has turned her passion into her profession.
Captain (Dr) Dinisha Bhardwaj Singh belonged to a family of doctors and teachers. She was inspired and was academically, a high achiever. A TV serial called ‘Udaan’, inspiring girls joining the armed forces, intrigued her and instilled a deep desire in her to serve the community. Battling the odds of persuading her family, she sailed through the selection process. After rigorous training and preparation, she walked home with pride, wearing the uniform with a proud honour of being from the first batch of ladies of the Indian Army. She joined the Army Educational Corps, handling academics, administration and training besides being a commissioned officer. Being posted in Indian Military Academy Dehradun, she taught science and military technology to Officer Cadets.
At Rashtriya Indian Military College, she was in close association with army schools, Kendriya Vidyalaya, other regimental schools as an administrator and secretary. She was also a part of operations like Op Rakshak, Op Vijay during the Kashmir conflict and Op Parakram during parliament attack.
After serving for ten years, it was time to make the transition from celebrity life to a civilian world. She kept my immortal connection with education by nurturing and supporting schools while moving cities as she was a forces officer’s wife. She pursued her PhD, MBA and LAW slithering further into this field. She enjoyed research and development, evolving new learning methods, enhancing innovation, and incorporating entrepreneurship temperament in people. Her association with NERIE Shillong supported her endeavours.
Her second innings began when she joined an Army School in Shillong as a Principal, followed by Global Indian International school Indore. She believes that people are capable of doing wonders. She not only nurtures global leaders but learns from them too.
She is currently the Principal of Global Indian International School, Kuala Lumpur. Bringing students of multi nationalities on the same grid, learning Indian and British curriculum has been a challenging but pleasant experience. She has always empowered and motivated her staff towards growth. Teaching is a highly satisfying profession, as it reconstructs many lives, and the results are visible to all.
Education has become student-centric. With hard work in this first quarter of their lives, students can establish themselves as a new icon for the rest of the world. She wishes to be the change-maker, with a firm attitude of being the change she wants to see in the world.


  1. Dinisha is turning into phenomenon and watching this transformation from a distance amuses you. Some years from now we shall watch her sailing like a cloud. Looking for an opportunity to have a long chat on all that fascinates you. Good luck for now.


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