Despite military coup in Myanmar; Malaysia deports 1200 Myanmar immigrants


Khairul Dzaimee Daud, the immigration chief of Malaysia released a statement today stating the Myanmar detainees will be deported by Malaysia on the 23rd of Feb on Myanmar navy ships. Around 1200 detainees were held in Malaysia over various offences like overstaying, violation of social visit passes, not having valid travel documents, etc. The immigration chief of Malaysia has also promised that they will not deport Muslim Rohingya Refugees or those refugees who have been registered under the UN refugee agency. Today the UN high commissioner has voiced his concern stating the children and women under the group will be vulnerable.
UNHCR said that UNHCR had been barred from accessing the detention centres of Malaysia since august of 2019 and haven’t been able to assess the detainees’ protection needs. If they are found to need international protection, these individuals shouldn’t be deported to a place or situation where their freedoms or lives may be at risk. To which Khairul Dzaimee replied that there are no UNHCR cardholders as well as ethnic Rohingyas involved in the deporting, this is just a part of the usual program of deporting the immigrants to the detentions depts. According to the department, Malaysia extradited around 37,038 immigrants last year, and around 3,322 were citizens of Myanmar. Malaysia houses around 180,000 UN refugees as well as asylum seekers, and more than, 100,000 of them are Rohingya and members of ethnic groups of Myanmar.
Since August 2017, around 700,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled from Myanmar. This happened after the military launched its clearance operation after the rebel group attacked. The Myanmar military has been accused of mass burning, mass killing and mass rapes.


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