Democracy protests in Thailand planning to return


To revive the pro-democracy movement, the protestors in Thailand are planning to return to the streets in Bangkok. Around four groups of anti-government activists have organised a gathering to demand the resignation of Prayuth Cha-Ocha, the prime minister, and commemorating the Siamese revolution that took place on the 24th of June 1932 and resulted in the ending of monarchy in Thailand.
Key youth groups are expected to joining the gatherings in several locations all across Bangkok. Moreover, dozens of the protesters have already faced charges that include sedition and insulting the monarchy, and the punishment for these is 15 years of jail. More than 20 of the detained activists are still waiting for their trial, and two of them are still in jail. The return of these large scale protests will risk the decision made by the government for reopening the country by early October, which will also work on recovering the economy.
These anti-government protests began in the mid of 2020s and were at their peak by the end of the year when thousands of protesters joined and asked for government registration and accountability from the monarch. Since large gatherings and activities are prohibited, the organisers can face two years in prison, and till now, 150 cases have been registered against the activists.


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