Dale Carnegie: The World’s most determined man


Dale Carnegie is one of the world’s best seller authors. He was a lecturer and an American writer. He developed various courses in public speaking, interpersonal skills and corporate skills. He was rejected by his lover because he was too poor and it broke his heart. He swore to himself that one day he will become rich. He came from a poor rural family. Everyday he woke up at 4:00 A.M to milk the cows before going to school. He rode 50 miles on horseback everyday to go to school. During his long rides on horseback, he practiced public speaking. He became so good at public speaking, that he started to win competitions. Other students started to offer him for training. Instead he dropped out to work different sales jobs, selling correspondence courses, bacon and soaps.
He had saved up enough money to quit his job and follow his dream and passion. To make it as an actor, he moved to New York City . He then performed in his first play. He hated the experience and decided that life in the theater was not for him. 
At the age of 24, he was unemployed, broke and living in the YMCA. He began to review his life and found one of his best memories which was his time at public speaking. He persuaded the YMCA to let him teach but they demanded 80% of the profits. Determined, he agreed. He started teaching public speaking but unfortunately he ran out of teaching material in his first ever class. Nervously, he got one of his students to make an unrehearsed speech. He was inspired by the idea that thinking on the spot can develop self confidence. This became the foundation of his methods.  He spent the next two decades refining them and researching how the world’s greatest leaders achieved their success. He published a book called which is still a bestseller, “how to win friends and influence people”. It sold over 30 million copies. This book is considered one of the most successful books in American history. 


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