CRUST, Singapore: Coverts unsold bread into beer


It is common for any bakery or restaurant to throw away the bread that has not been sold at the end of the day. CRUST co-founder and CEO Travin Singh, who is 29 years old, found a way to cut the waste. He turns unsold and unused bread into beer. The issue of food waste caught his attention in the year 2018 when he was doing some research on the origin of beer. He came across a number of articles that stated that the preservation of bread is one of the oldest ways to make beer. He had an idea and he further searched about the quantity of bread which is wasted in Singapore in a day. He was surprised to know the data and he made a goal to reduce the amount of wastage.
The idea of CRUST and the mentality came up with his fabulous upbringing. His mother never used to waste food and even made use of packaging materials in one way or the other. The same idea is what he has implemented in the company because he grew in such an environment.
He started with beer because he had the knowledge of it and moreover it was a really fun way to approach food waste. He also had been home brewing beer for a while. However the company is determined to bring more solutions to the market rather than just beer. Their bread comes from various bars, restaurants and bakeries. They are working on to inculcate crops and cut their wastage. They will be converting ugly and surplus fruits and vegetables into sodas and non alcoholic beverages.
The coronavirus pandemic hit hard but they made the best of the situation and made a web portal and started taking orders online and delivering their products. The company is expanding its products and categories and has taken a step forward towards becoming a food tech company.


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