Coronavirus and spreading misinformation


The Internet has become an important source of information for many decades. But the social media has become a channel of propagandists and states to spread misinformation among the masses. The global powers are using social media and e-sources to spread wrong information according to their interests which is becoming lethal as those who consume this misinformation are likely to break basic rules and regulations to prevent the spread of viruses. As the spreading of misinformation is intensifying, people are more likely to believe such conspiracies. People are disobeying quarantine and restrictions. With such an influx of information, it is difficult to distinguish between facts and fiction. Information spreads like fire spreads in a dry forest. Therefore misinformation, which spreads quicks and rapidly becomes dangerous. Online information is easily manipulated and the origin of such conspiracies is hard to interpret. People need to be very careful while consuming information online. Official cyber authorities also need to focus on eradicating misinformation from the web so that spreading chaos can be put to a halt.


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