Concerted efforts by Biotechnology Institute, Nainital: Tackling the problem of Global warming together

Students from the SARC  School, Nepal visited Uttarakhand Biotechnology Council’s Biotechnology Institute, Nainital. They got to know in detail about the research work being done in the institute. Dr. Sumit Purohit, in-charge of the institute said that the students were given training to make seed discs prepared from biopaste.

Mr. Kaushal Kumar, Ray Foundation Chairman said that during the training, the students were also told about the preparation of plants by tissue culture method in the institute. Important information was shared with the students and they were made aware that instead of throwing the waste materials, they can be used for making seed discs. This will help in purifying the environment and the problem of global warming will also be reduced.

The above program was done under the guidance of Dr. Rajendra Doval, Council of Biotechnology, Uttarakhand. At the end of the program, Dr. Sumit Purohit was honored with a citation by Prones Asia Group, Malaysia. SARC Open School Academic Director Manoj Kumar Yadav, Biology teacher Pratibha and Nikita Kharal, Laxman Pandey Pawan Tripathi along with all the students from Nepal were present.

As global warming has become an international threat to the environment, such efforts are the need of the hour. Sharing credible and practical information with the students will make them aware regarding the problems as well as solutions. This practical sharing of know how is laudable and praiseworthy.